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Coworking meets cinema magic: “Bon Schuur Ticino” as a metaphor for diversity and collaboration

In the Capitol Coworking in Olten, where films once enchanted audiences, a lively working environment is now being created through the synergy of cinema and coworking. The film “Bon Schuur Ticino” takes up the topic of linguistic diversity in Switzerland and humorously depicts what happens when this is challenged by a crazy popular initiative. This story offers a valuable parallel to coworking: empowerment through diversity.

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Coworking spaces as breeding grounds for entrepreneurial success

In the course of the global economic transformation, the traditional workplace is undergoing a revolutionary reshaping. Coworking spaces are emerging as pioneers of entrepreneurial progress – places that are characterized not only by their spatial component, but rather by bringing together a dynamic community of innovators and entrepreneurs. These rooms become the foundation of a…

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The influence of coworking on creativity

Coworking is playing an increasingly important role in the world of modern entrepreneurship. It creates spaces that are designed to promote innovation and creativity. The Capitol Open Space & Coworking is an excellent example of the practical implementation of this concept.

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